About me

With over 21 years of work experience , I have a proven track record of analyzing, designing and implementing enterprise IT solutions. I have successfully implemented simultaneous projects in various sectors, such as construction, energy, public administration, industry and services. Over the years, I learned a lot while collaborating with peer developers, architects and subject matter experts, including senior managers and executives. I am passionate about learning new technologies and applying them to help clients with their mission-critical business operations.

I have a master’s degree in computer science from the Warsaw University of Technology with a specialization in Information Systems Engineering. My scientific interests include business IT applications, ERP systems, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, optimization, Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and information security. To broaden my knowledge and experience, I gained an additional specialization in information and decision systems.

I specialize in defining IT system architectures according to TOGAF®, creating ArchiMate® and UML® models, designing databases and implementing basic frameworks for applications working under Microsoft Windows® (.NET Framework: WPF, WinForms, Prism) and platforms – independent web applications (ASP.NET MVC, Java EE, ExtJS, JavaScript).

I enjoy designing functional, aesthetic and user-friendly graphical user interfaces, creating reusable GUI controls and modular systems that process and visualize unified information from various sources. I also have experience with pivot tables, interactive charts, reports and interactive maps based on a 3D engine (similar to SCADA).

In addition to technical knowledge, I have experience as a Team Leader/Manager. I manage the requirements, scope and schedule of projects, coordinate the work of small teams, assign tasks, control and report the progress of work. I have knowledge of software engineering, project and quality management methodologies and standards, including RUP, Scrum, Prince 2, PMP, ITIL and ISO 9000.

As a Technical Consultant/Architect, I provide knowledge in the field of IT systems security, methodology and technology of software engineering, automation of implementation activities and system operation. I emphasize the benefits of choosing the right methods, practices and tools to solve given problems, ensuring full understanding and meeting customer requirements with good communication and high-quality software production.

More details about my knowledge, skills and experience, including the full work history and list of obtained certifications is available on my Linkedin profile page.